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J. Guerra Mediation strives to find the solution in even the toughest conflicts. When it comes to disputes prone to heated emotions, divorce is very high on the list, and the spouses are often angry and hurt. Our goal as mediators, then, is to help the two parties come together and communicate their wants and needs, and reach a mutually satisfactory outcome. This applies to child support, custody arrangements, division of property and assets, spousal support, and more. The J. Guerra Mediation Center is also equipped with helpful amenities and little comforts to ensure sessions are as civil and productive as possible. We know that when everyone feels more relaxed, they can stay focused on the common goal.

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Divorce proceeding are often acrimonious. Our mediators have the experience and the communication skills necessary to cut through bitter negotiations and work toward a favorable outcome for both parties.

Mediation is an excellent alternative to court proceedings because:

  • It is less expensive than trials or hearings
  • Most, if not all, divorce issues can be settled
  • There is no public record, so it is completely confidential
  • You can negotiate solutions that make sense for your situation
  • Your lawyer can still advise you, if you wish
  • You and your spouse control the process
  • It may improve communication for future issues or encounters
  • Terms are more likely to be carried out, since everyone had a say

Of course, there are some divorces where mediation may not be the best or most effective method, such as in cases of domestic abuse or especially vindictive situations. In most cases, though, it is an option worth considering.

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